Three Different Ways To Speak In Talking Head Videos

Does your personal online brand include closeup videos of you speaking? There are actually three different ways to speak in talking head videos.

Speaking from a Memorized Script

This public speaking technique is probably the most common. It’s also the most difficult to pull off. However, done well, this can provide a very cinematic and polished look and feel to the video.

Similar to a presentation style of public speaking, this involves writing a complete script ahead of time, memorizing that script, and then speaking it to a camera verbatim.

The only issue with this is the technical requirement. This talking head video technique works best when a teleprompter is used.

Pros: provides a very polished, cinematic look
Cons: difficult to pull off without an acting or public speaking background; best with a teleprompter

Speaking From Notes

Speaking from notes is a little easier than trying to memorize an entire video script. This method involves organizing your thoughts ahead of time in order to come up with some solid speaking points.

With your speaking points close by, you can then sit comfortably in front of the camera, glance to your points, then film one point at a time. This will allow you to speak more comfortably without having to memorize an entire script.

Pros: no memorization needed
Cons: requires more takes, which greatly lengthens video editing

Winging It

As implied, this method involves sitting down in front of a camera and just speaking from your heart. You can do this with a memorized script, or you can speak from an organized list of notes. Or, you can just… wing it!

Pros: is the most natural way of speaking to a camera; very easy to edit
Cons: difficult to stay focused; increased chance of “ums” and “uhs”.


My advice, try them all out. Find a style that fits best for you. Done properly, all of these talking head video methods work very well. Above all… have fun!

– Ted –