Every Sale Is Also A Purchase

On the other side of every sale is someone who’s nervous, who’s trying to make the right decision, who’s going to be held accountable for the money they spend.

* * *

When I first started selling I was nervous as hell. Why? I didn’t want to lie to anyone. But that’s just the thing. I didn’t have to.

All salesman are liars. Isn’t that true? Isn’t that what we tell each other?

Let me share a little story…

I was a sales rep in the semiconductor industry. I was good. But not at first. At first, I was terrible.

One of my first clients was a fairly large industrial manufacturer that produced custom machines that required top precision for X, Y and Z axis movement. The company I worked for represented a producer of mechanical rails, and this large industrial manufacturer needed loads of them.

The orders practically closed themselves. They needed rails for precision movement. I had them. So, why was I so nervous to get on the phone?

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to lie. That was a lie I kept telling myself. The truth was, I didn’t know enough about the product.

Simple answer, you say. Do more research. But that was just the thing. I knew all there was to know about our rails. But, I’d neglected to do one key thing:

I never asked the manufacturer how they were using the rails.

Seems so obvious now. In fact, I’ll go one step further. I should have asked John how he was using the rails. John was the engineer at the ‘large industrial manufacturer’.

John was a person.

John had a family. Two boys. An Australian Shepard he swore was more intelligent than most people. He was allergic to citrus. He’d spent the last two decades slowly constructing a model railroad in his basement. John’s mother had recently passed.

John was a person.

Consider this: people who put their faith in you and buy are 10X more likely to do the same, so long as they were satisfied with that first sale, as long as they were listened to, as long as they felt they were treated like a person.

So, you have to ask yourself…

Do I want to make a customer 10 times more likely to buy again with a friendly phone call or email? Or do I want to just grab the money and run?

* * *

Truly Fearless Life Ted Fauster
Ted Fauster is an author and online business mentor for the chronically ill community. In 2018, Ted was diagnosed with the rarest form of multiple sclerosis (MS) known as primary progressive. Ted now spends his time helping those living with chronic pain and fatigue realize their true calling and develop a powerful online brand.