Give Yourself A Break This Holiday Season

plate of holiday cookies

I gained 20 pounds.

Since last Christmas, the one where you could still safely go outside, my life took a very sudden sedentary turn. I became brand aware, which is to say I decimated my personal brand core. Total devastation. I was no longer a writer.

Now, that’s not entirely true…

I still write fiction, just not quite as frequently. And for the first time in my life this is okay.

In the beginning of the bloody mess that was 2020, I had an epiphany. There was an entire skill set locked up in my cognitive garage. I knew writing, of course, but I was also familiar with quite a bit more. I knew how to write a script, how to set up shots for online course videos, how to build an entire educational curriculum, how to structure courses for optimum learning, how to coach thought leaders how to present themselves, to speak onstage…

Yada, yada, yada…

This you all know. Let’s get to the 20 lbs.

All my life, I’ve been blessed with a fairly active metabolism. I could eat whatever I wanted and not put on a pound. Then my 40s hit. Followed by my 50s. Which brought primary progressive multiple sclerosis into the picture.

You’ve heard this. I became empowered and founded Truly Fearless Life. Get to the 20 pounds!

I never saw it coming.

I was too busy building out the curriculum I now teach, writing all the scripts for the online courses I would bring, trying to uncoil the rarities of my own personal brand. All of this and more required a lot of focus, tons of groundwork and an inordinate amount of sitting. Lots of sitting.

I do the same thing when I write a book. The entirety of my focus is on the project. This time, however, it’s proven a bit more difficult to manage. And then the holidays rolled around.

Twenty pounds. And we’ve barely entered the Christmas season.

I could freak out. I could get depressed. I could steel my conviction and suppress my caloric intake, holding up a steady palm to cookies, puddings, mashed potatoes… Or, I could just let it go.

No one is perfect. God knows not me.

Is it healthy? No, not by any measure. Is it going to kill me? Very unlikely.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to consume everything I see with wild abandon. It also doesn’t mean I’m going to beat myself up for every glass of eggnog. It’s just a few weeks, and I’d rather enjoy it than create blistered memories.

This holiday, the best present I can give to myself is to relax and enjoy. I hope you will do the same.