It’s Time To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story

No one’s going to work harder for you than YOU. So why are you still working for someone else?

I’ll tell you why… fear.

Fear kept early humans in packs, carrying sharp sticks and constantly looking over their shoulders. The world in which early humankind existed was harsh as hell. Fear kept our ancestors alive.

The world is a very different place, but we still carry what Buddhists call the “monkey brain,” the scattering of thoughts, reflexive decision making based purely on prior knowledge. Big boar kill friend. Be afraid of big boar. Simple math.

We’ve evolved. Yes, we face all sorts of new challenges, but we now have the self-awareness to choose how we react, even when these spikes of terror race through our bodies. Will we be afraid? Will we run from anything we don’t understand? Or can we be heroes.

Take a look at that first sentence again. It’s time to realize something even further than your own self-awareness. It’s time for you to step up for yourself, to absolutely believe that you have the power to change your life, to choose to turn back around and walk straight through your fears, because they’re not real.

That dream you have? That’s real.

Right now, it only exists in your mind. But you have the power to make it real. You know you do….

You work from a home office overlooking a beautiful lake, cup of steaming coffee or tea clutched in your hands, or maybe a glass of juice, cat curled up on your lap, a computer calendar filled with clients, all of whom you absolutely cherish and adore. You click on your first appointment for the day and you start helping improve lives.

Fear will keep you where you are, because it’s safe. You’ve learned that, haven’t you?

To break free from fear, to liberate the real you, requires a hero.