Stop Looking For F****n Shortcuts!

How can I sell more?
How do you close so many deals?
How do you get more customers to say YES?

When I hear this, I imagine lots of people looking for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts.

The only surefire way I’ve found to sell is to first earn trust by listening. Listen. Don’t talk. What problem are they trying to solve? Can you help?

If you can’t help, say nothing. If you can help, you owe it to this person to open a logical discussion that introduces your solution.

How much is your solution worth? Perhaps you should work on that, too. You should be the one consistently working and searching for the ABSOLUTE BEST answers. Beef up your portfolio. Make sure your answer is jam packed with value, value, value.

Be a friend. Listen. Listen closely.

You won’t be able to help everyone. Because you’re not vanilla. Your personal brand is an acquired taste. Your Big Ticket Item (your solution) matures and becomes more and more valuable, because it’s rare, that info is hard as hell to find. And you have it. You did the work. Your put in the time.

So guess what…

Because you listened, because you were helpful. because you were there…. you get to present a customized solution based on your vast pool of knowledge. And they will buy it every time.

Stop looking for shortcuts, they’re for losers and con artists. Do the work. Put in your time. Be helpful and kind. Then, you don’t have to sell, because they will buy.

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