How NOT To Promote Your New Book

The other day on Twitter, I saw a post that read:

[…I have over 17,000 followers with little to show for sales, so I guess it’s time to purge my followers list again…]

Further down was the gif of a man stranded on the side of a road with the text: “me waiting for someone to buy my book.”

Someone commented that perhaps engagement was the problem, to which this writer promptly responded, “I interact almost every time. I feel like I’m constantly liking and retweeting.”

Do you see what’s wrong here? If you don’t, please read on.

This person was getting LOADS of interactions, many of them aimed straight at that original post. But instead of engaging, they just kept on complaining.

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us, giving you their full attention. A pile of missed opportunities.

People don’t buy my books because I say, “Hey, here’s a link to my book, buy it!”

Buying behavior doesn’t really differ. People are looking for solutions, which could be something as simple as which new book to buy. Before any buying decision is made, however, people also need to LIKE and TRUST you. This takes time.

Several opportunities. Each swatted down. What might this writer have done differently?