Inbound Marketing & the Writer

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Inbound Marketing & the Writer

When I finished writing my first fantasy novel, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to marketing. All I knew was that I was excited. I’d finally written my first novel! I really hadn’t planned on making very many sales at all, which is EXACTLY what I needed to believe.

I already had a job, a good job. I write books because I love the storytelling aspect of writing immensely. I always tell people that if I were stranded on a deserted island I would still find a way to write. Books open doors in your mind, and when you can summon the courage to write one of your own it makes the journey even more precious.

SPOILER ALERT! I sold several hundred copies of that first book, which I parlayed into an entire trilogy, the notoriety of which led to an invite to pen the opening piece for an anthology, which caught the eye of one of the finest literary agents in the world….

So how did I manage all that?

It’s called inbound marketing, and it’s the root of everything I teach through Truly Fearless Life.

I was able to accomplish all of this because it NEVER FELT LIKE I was selling.

Ever. I was having too much fun! I was engaging in conversations, connecting with my readers, offering writing tips. I didn’t connect strongly with everyone, but the ones with whom I did remain my truest fans, and I can count on them buying EVERY SINGLE BOOK I write.

So ,what does this have to do with you?

Inbound marketing works. It works across all industries because it’s all built around you being yourself, just having fun and providing endless value. It works because it endears you to people because you are honest, true, and real.

The best part about inbound marketing is you get to flip everything entirely around. No cold calls, no blind emailing, no irritating disruptions to another person’s day. You do this right and you will NEVER HAVE TO SELL a day in your life!

I’m sure you have questions. Hit me up. Message me here or text me directly at ‪(646) 481-1405‬. It would be an honor to help.