Coming of Age

It’s amazing the millennial generation isn’t plotting our demise.

We ridiculed them…

…for feeling special and empowered, even though we were the ones who created the scenarios in which such an attitude flourished.

We lied to them…

…when we promised that college degree would land them well-paying jobs, then we saddled them with all that debt.

We used them…

…by inviting them into our “startups” where we revealed they were not special, that everyone pulled together as a team, that their loyalty would be rewarded, even as we were drawing up the documents to sell our bloated companies to investors who fired them all.

We starved them…

…by refusing to pay them a decent wage, giving them their fair share of the profits.

But this is capitalism, right? Isn’t this what we wanted? The freedom to use, abuse and enslave?

I got news for you, sunshine: they’re coming for us. The last millennial born is now 25 years old, and they’re voting, they’re building families, forming companies of their own, looking ahead to a prosperous future, and they’re not going to take our shit anymore.

If you can’t accept this, fine. You’re probably ready for retirement anyway, maybe even a nice, juicy pension, something they will never receive.

To all of you young, energetic and empowered millennials, hit me up. The tech is here. Of course, you know that because most of you built it. You can do this on your own. You don’t need a startup, you need a leg up. I’d love for you to get your work from anywhere business going, to hand you the keys to the kingdom. Because you are special. We all are. You’ve just never been given the chance to bloom.