Fear Can Fuel Your Courage

Fear often takes us by surprise. Many times, fear is not rational and we know this. Nevertheless…

Instead of spending any energy trying to figure out the “why” of fear, instead to use each terrifying moment as an opportunity to fuel your courage.

See, the truth is your Brain is trying to trick you. Both your Brain and your Body are lazy. They’d both prefer you just did as you were told because they are both ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN something really, really bad is about to happen. If they could speak they would be running in circles screaming danger danger!

Sometimes, they’re right. Many times they are not.

YOU exist in the Mind. And you have a choice: Is this something you SHOULD be afraid of? OR does this particular fear… make no sense?

You are not weak because you are afraid. In fact, fear is a sign of intelligence.

Each spike of fear carries a lot of energy, and you can steal ALL of it by simply remaining calm and allowing it to happen.

This is YOUR life. You get to determine which fears are valid and which are not. Open up to yourself. Be courageous. Welcome the energy each fearful moment brings. Allow it flow through you.

Then steal it.

What gradually begins to happen is a kind of numbing. Your fear is weakening, because you’ve stolen its energy. Each time the same fear shows up you rob it of more and more, until it retreats, powerless without its energy.