The Foundation of Belief

Has any information ever shocked you?

That sensation you’re feeling is the temporary severing of powerful bonds in the neural circuitry of your brain. This is how we remember things. Over time, these temporary bonds can become deeply fused together, which leads to a belief. But what if something you fervently believed turns out to be false?

This is where it gets kind of sticky…

In most cases, your brain has become very happy with these powerful bonds that form your beliefs. It’s one less thing to worry about, and believe me your brain does enough of that! When new information comes along to challenge memories that have grown into beliefs, suddenly snapping the bonds, our first reaction is to doubt:

“No way. That just can’t be true.”

Remember, you are still in control, and your brain is obliged to remain open to new possibilities. Yes, experiencing this “snap” can be very uncomfortable. But that’s only your brain whining. It knows it has to give you a chance to reevaluate and decide, but it’s still lobbying for the status quo.

I strive to remain open, to allow new, young bonds to form. It just makes sense. And while when it comes to science, I tend to accept proven results, even this acceptance is only temporary. How does this affect my beliefs? Truthfully, I resist using the word “believe”.

It’s tough. Believing is so much more pleasant, but you owe it to yourself to remain open. How do I handle this dilemma? I prefer to use the word “suspect”.

How do you decide what to believe? 🧡


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