Don’t walk through the fire, march

an elephant striding off into the sunset
When you’re in the thick of it, when everyone around you is convinced you have lost it, when friends shy away, and when total strangers begin telling you that you are going to fail – this is the time to hold your head high.
I am not a man of faith. I don’t hide this. I won’t pretend to believe something I cannot. It’s my choice and for me alone to decide. But I have to admire the walk Jesus endured up to the hill to crucifixion. Doomed. Each step leading inexorably toward his own, brutal demise. Booed and hissed at, humiliated, beaten.
Still, he marched.
I want to share a little secret with you, something I learned early on. When you find yourself in the fire, embrace it. Let it roll all over you. Because the fire is not there to burn, it’s to temper the mettle of your true purpose in life. A great transformation lies ahead. You just have to summon the courage to keep moving forward.
Stand proud.

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