Work From Anywhere On SSDI… Seriously

By Ted Uram

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There’s a common misconception that being permanently disabled means you can’t work. SSDI has strict guidelines on this. But what if I told you there is a job you can do that will neither interfere with your social security benefits nor leave you exhausted?

Let’s lay out the facts: if you receive permanent disability benefits (SSDI, not SSI), you can still work. But your additional income while on SSDI cannot exceed $1,350 per month.*  

That’s not much but still a significant amount. You can easily remain under this number if you accept a minimum wage job and restrict your hours. Many corporations will be happy to hire you. The problem is, nearly everyone who qualifies for permanent disability benefits does so because they are unable to perform in their previous line of work. That makes it very difficult to work any job.

How am I supposed to work a whole shift?

Take me, for instance. Most of my life has been spent pursuing the dream of becoming a published author. But I needed to eat, a place to stay, transportation, health insurance… I was young and strong, so I worked in the construction industry. It’s a good thing I did, because my primary progressive multiple sclerosis now makes that impossible. 

I’m thankful for my SSDI, but it’s not nearly enough to get by. The check I receive each month barely covers rent. I need more. 

One of my last jobs was at a filming studio in Portland. Not construction, but surprisingly physically demanding. Using a complex system of staging, lighting, set design, sound recording and filming techniques, we were able to move rising virtual coaches across a set to appear like Hollywood movie stars. A design team in another city built out their websites and personal brand materials. We made them very rich. But what exactly were these “virtual coaches” doing that was so special? What made them the authority in their field?

Well, that’s just it: More often than not, they weren’t. 

There’s a whole other discussion that needs to take place here, but for now I want to focus on the reality of YOU embracing the fact that YOU ALREADY HAVE everything it takes to become a disabled virtual coach! 

“Oh please, Ted, there’s nothing special about me.” 

Chances are, you would fight me on this. Most people will. We’ve been taught to do so. (There’s no “I” in team, and all that.) But I’m here to tell you that you’ve been flat out lied to. 

If there’s one thing I learned very quickly about many (take note of how I say “many” but not all) virtual coaches don’t like to do much work themselves. Oh, they’ll jump on social media and YouTube and swear differently, that they’ve had to hustle their entire lives. That by being ruthless and laser-focused and sleep-deprived they were able to fight their way to the top…

That’s not the lie. That part is true. 

But what they’re not telling you is how they all eventually come to work with companies like mine, ones with an entire cast of hardworking, talented individuals who basically set up all the dominoes so these virtual coaches can just push them down. I can name names. I won’t, of course, because some of those virtual coaches were entirely legit, and they’re still out there. 

Which brings me to you…

I need you to realize two things:

  1. You are fully capable of becoming an online coach, right now!
  2. You don’t have to be rich, sleep-deprived or obnoxious.

In the past, you needed companies like the one I used to work for. There simply wasn’t any way to afford or acquire all the expensive gadgets and gizmos needed, not to mention the coding know-how and design skills. My, how times have changed.

So, there you go. All the stuff you need. But what about you?

YOU are more magnificent and special than you ever could have imagined, because there literally is NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU. And you are passionate about something. Everyone is. This is the basis for your work from anywhere business, because you are going to take what you know, what you are passionate about, and you’re going to start coaching other people.

The best part is you don’t have to be the expert. You just have to know more than someone else. And you have to be willing to share. If you can do that, you’ve got a business!

There’s lots more to this, but it’s not difficult information. It’s just very likely stuff you haven’t heard before. The big company you worked for didn’t want you to hear about this, because they needed you to believe that you needed them, when the truth is the world needs you!



* as of 2022,


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