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Ted Fauster already had a cult following for his fantasy and weird fiction books when he took a job as a personal branding strategist at a boutique film and web design studio situated over a wine bar and brewery in the legendary “Pearl” district of Portland, Oregon. There he learned hands-on how to script, direct, film and edit video and written content, all of which was used to construct evergreen online video courses to bolster personal brands. But he learned so much more.

He discovered many of the things he was already doing to grow his own personal brand came naturally to him. Working with so many talented others, as well as hugely impactful thought leaders and national speakers such as Vanessa Van Edwards, Barry Conchie, Anna Liotta, Hank Zewald, Colleen Slaughter, John O’Leary, Ondi Timoner, Hank Zewald, and more, also revealed how much room there was for growth. This amassed knowledge allowed him to hone and sharpen his own brand as a writer, as well as open new doors for brand new opportunities he probably would have never imagined.

In 2018, a diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis gave Ted quite a scare, and he felt his brand core shift from writing to establishing his own boutique personal branding agency. He now combines his pool of talents to help everyday people build powerful personal brands of their own.

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