what does the world see?

Personal branding & inbound marketing are skills. But they are skills that can be learned. My methodology removes the selling process entirely from the equation. All that’s left is for you to be yourself and have fun!

your 20%

Upwards of 80% of the people your personal brand comes into contact with will not be a good fit. The remaining 20% will absolutely fall in love with you. They’ll look forward to spending time with you because you’ll have earned their trust, and they will buy from you without ever having been subjected to a sales pitch.

learn from a former sales rep turned author

Ted Fauster is an award-winning author represented by one of the most highly sought after literary agents in the business. He has a firm grasp of what it takes to tell a good story. His prior experience as a semiconductor sales rep included being professionally trained in the Sandler school of sales, which promotes communicating with, developing and motivating customers by forging lasting, emotionally bonded partnerships.