Welcome to the Reading Room!

I’m very transparent about the troubles I’ve faced and my general level of expertise. my experience is entirely personal, gifted to me on my journey from the brink of anger and self-destruction, to living a life filled with both courage and peace, embracing each sunrise with genuine joy. the true meaning of life is to be alive, and to live each day with purpose, confidence, compassion and gratitude.

everything listed below has been key in my transformation, educating me, helping me grow and break through my own fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs. I truly feel as if I have awakened from a terrible, dark dream into a field filled with sunshine and complete acceptance, and I want to help you feel the same way.

I’ll post more links as my enlightenment continues, and I’m always happy to talk to you about your personal journey. Stay fearless!

Ted Uram

 Books & Articles

Learning Fear | Cornell University
Which type of meditation is right for me? | Healthline 
Life With Crohn’s Disease in 10 words | Everyday Health  
5 Science-Backed Reasons Mindful Meditation is Good for You | Mindful.org
How Memory Works | Harvard
 Stress Effects on the Body | American PSychological ASSOCIATION 
Difference Between Stress & Anxiety | American Psychological Association
The Molecules That Make Up Memory | Royal Society of Chemistry
Intermediate Term Memory as a Bridge Between Working & Long Term Memory| Journal of Neuroscience
Emotional Memories | Psychology Today
Tools for Tackling Stress | American Psychological Association
Paul Ekman | American Psychologist
Dr. Joe Disoenza  | D.C. / neuroscientist & researcher
Phobia Relief | Kalliope Barlis
The Case Against Reality | Donald Hoffman

 Thought Leaders I Follow

Brene’ Brown
Daymond John
Donald Hoffman
Ed Mylett
Gary Vaynerchuk
John O’Leary
kraig Adams
Mark Bouris
Mel Robbins
Peter Mckinnon
Simon Sinek
 Sunny Lenarduzzi
 Tom Bilyeu
 Tony Robbins