Go behind the scenes of personal branding with “Becoming Brand Aware”, my all-inclusive video course several years in the making. This self-paced video bundle covers everything you need to construct a rock-solid personal brand. This course is for anyone wanting to supplement their SSDI income or break free entirely. Avoid costly mistakes by following the same brand-building structure I taught when I worked with such successful thought leaders as: Vanessa Van Edwards, Barry Conchie, Anna Liotta, Hank Zewald, Colleen Slaughter, John O’Leary, Ondi Timoner, Mark Divine, Hank Zewald, and many more!

“Becoming Brand Aware”

Module 1 | Why Your Personal Brand Matters

What is a personal brand anyway? How does it differ from a corporate brand? How can you leverage your personal brand to inspire, educate and help others? Lean why now is the best time to monetize your unique services and products and work from anywhere!

Module 2 | Finding Your 20%

Upwards of 80% of the people your personal brand comes into contact with will not be a good fit. This is ideal. Find out why in this powerful module.

Module 3 | Anatomy of a Personal Brand

Learn the entire infrastructure of your own Personal Brand Molecule, including your Personal Brand Core. The gravity of who you are and what you represent serves to attract just the right customer.

Module 4 | First Contact

Now that you’re starting to connect and form bonds with Your 20%, what do you say to them? This module explores how not to appear like a deer in the headlights. Learn how to communicate with charisma during that crucial point of first contact.

Module 5 | The Power of Storytelling

What do most people post on social media? Should you be communicating the same way? Find out what works best to support and amplify your personal brand, and what could actually do it great harm.

Module 6 | Sales Without Selling

What if I told you that you could sell more products and close more deals without ever having to sell at all? Learn how in this transformative module that reveals what actually do and say. A student favorite module.

Module 7 | Monetizing Your Personal Brand

Now that your personal brand is making an impact and transforming lives, it’s time to monetize your products and services. Learn how to construct powerful streams of income, many of which continue to operate while you sleep!



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