What I Stand For


I stand for equality in all its forms. I understand disabilities and illnesses do not define us. I BELIEVE WE ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO CHANGE OR TOO YOUNG TO SHARE WISDOM. I am convinced we are all here to help each other. I support black lives matter. I know love is love. I don’t view spirituality or faith as required elements. I stand behind a woman’s right to choose. I am convinced all our fears can be conquered. I don’t see why IPAs and K├Âlsch can’t coexist. I see a man who cries as someone showing genuine courage. I TRUST IN SCIENCE (science!). I need you to understand you will never get rich working for a paycheck. I AM CONVINCED WE EXIST IN THE MIND, WHICH MOVES IN TANDEM WITH THE BODY. I know failure is the best teacher. I can accept that our brains are stupid and lazy. I stand for the right to choose your own path, and to connect with the limitless energy of the Universe to ask for anything you are willing to work for and truly believe you deserve. I STAND FOR YOU!

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Ted Uram